Nielsen & Sørensen - Frode Laursen wants to be the industry’s clear choice for these speciality areas - as the best Nordic transport and logistics partner.

We want to develop effective and comprehensive customer solutions. We want to reach our goal through specialisation, long-term success and transparency.

We must support our corporate culture, motivate employees and place an emphasis on our employee’s capabilities in order to increase our efficiency and our customers’ satisfaction.

We must see IT as a decisive element for ensuring high quality, profitability and for transparency in customer relations. Nielsen & Sørensen - Frode Laursen develops as a company every year through constant grown and profit and wants to be among the very best in the sector.

Our values:
We are there for our customers
We take responsibility
We stick to our agreements
We stick to the facts
We know that we can always be even better
We always treat each other with respect
We always think about how our actions affect the environment
We work and find solutions as a team


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